26 April 2016

exhibition Living in the Amsterdamse School

Living in the Amsterdam School is a spectacular view of interior designs of the Amsterdam School in… Read more

8 January 2016

Achtung! advice & design

Achtung! is an advertising agency based in Amsterdam. Together with interior designer Erna Bomers we redesigned the… Read more

18 December 2015

Seth Siegelaub Beyond Conceptual Art

December 11th 2015 the exhibition ‘Seth Siegelaub’ opened at the Stedelijk Museum. It is a wonderful exhibition,… Read more

10 August 2015

Light by Dogtroep

During the nineties, I had the opportunity to work together with the Italian light designer Marco Biagioni… Read more

6 June 2015

GRID light installation

The installation GRID of light designer Isabel Nielen explores the phenomenon of optical illusion using geometric light… Read more

6 June 2015

Ode to the Aa

Never before I worked on such a huge and beautiful outdoor location. The audience sat on a… Read more

29 April 2015

(Nederlands) De Aanval Rotterdam

Almost finished with the lighting for the exhibition THE AANVAL in Rotterdam. On the 29th of april… Read more

12 September 2014

Workshop Galery Lighting

Lighting for Gallery & Museum 25 april 2014 – 28 april 2014 – Praque Workshop leader: Isabel… Read more

9 August 2014

Hembrug site in Zaandam

Maarten Warmerdam (Theatermachine) and Isabel Nielen  are working from 2013 on the design and implementation of the… Read more

9 May 2013

Rondumheer PeerGrouP

Rondumheer was performed at the Oerol Festival on Terschelling in 2008: a visual concert for landscape, sound… Read more