Zenith work in progress 2022-2024

Zenith, work in progress was shown at the O-festival 2022 in Rotterdam.

What is it like to feel like a stranger in your own body? Director Tom Jaspers explores the relationship we have with our bodies and shapes it into musical theater with newly written lyrics and music. The texts are based on intensive conversations with Toby Chosta, among others, who underwent a transformation from woman to man. Zenith is played by Jorien Zeevaart. The performer’s body and voice are given space to step outside the beaten path of stage and opera. A personal and intimate piece in which the audience sits around a square black mirror floor.

Lighting design

The light plays along with the solo performer and has its own role. Together they tell the story full of associations, text and song. The position of the spotlights comes very close as the audience sits close around the mirror floor. It was quite a challenge not to blind the audience with the reflections from the floor.



Concept | text | direction: Tom Jaspers vocals
Play and vocals: Jorien Zeevaart
Interviews text contributions: Toby Chlosta
Costume: Caterina Pavan
Lighting: Isabel Nielen
Sound composition: Yannick Wandel
Courtesy of: O. Festival & Fonds Podiumkunsten


Full-length performance to premiere in 2024

Zenith, work in progess, was presented (20 minutes) at the O festival in Rotterdam in 2022. Fall 2023 the project will be further developed into a full-length performance. Zenith will premiere in spring 2024.



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