Light design and consultancy



Why ask a lighting designer?

My fascination for light is the leading factor in my career. Light design for theater, museums, public space, architecture,  office’s or autonomous work. I’m a watcher, I like to observe and analyze. Looking carefully is one of my greatest sources of inspiration, it stimulates my creativity.



It happens regularly that people approach me with an open question. That makes sense because speaking about light is difficult to capture in words. It is important to find the core questions. Often with simple interventions huge light improvements are possible.

Whit my light designs  I try, through analysis and context, to create a plan in which light quality, experience and well-being, functionality and cost are merged into a powerful image.
Applying new light technology is always a concern but not obvious. It can also be sustainable to reuse or adapt existing fixtures.

If you’re not sure if you need a lighting designer, call me anyway. There are no wrong questions about light, design or advice, light is always important!