Rondumheer PeerGrouP

Rondumheer was performed at the Oerol Festival on Terschelling in 2008: a visual concert for landscape, sound and light. No actors where involved.
Rondumheer gives the landscape the opportunity to tell its story through sound, music and light: a visualised story to listen to. Chance falcons flying overhead and whirling winds are part of the show. The public only has to bring their folding chairs to sit, watch and listen to the stories of the landscape. Nature is an inimitable improviser in Rondumheer.

 PeerGrouP: Sjoerd Wagenaar, Sytze Pruiksma, Dennis van Tilburg, Nico Wijnberg en Dinanda Luttikhedde. Instituut Lichtontwerpen: Henk van der Geest, Isabel Nielen en Yvon Muller.

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