Christmas Canal parade 2010

Christmas Canal parade 2010. 
The boat -Light in sight- is developed by the iLo on the theme light events in the world.

The Christmas season is characterized by spirituality and spiritual meaning but also by warmth and exuberance. 
Light plays an important role in this period when celebration and religion meet. 
Different religions such as Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism have all beautiful meaning around light events.
Mirror, inner reflection, exuberance, purification, heaven are recurring themes, in which white light is seen as purest source.

With the design for the boat we wanted to create  an image that gives the viewer a moment of  contemplation. The pontoon boat  is covered in mirrored panels, that are as close to the barge gross shards. The world will be reflected to the barge so fragmented. The boat radiates a warm glow from inside is illusory and is visible between the cracks of the installation. White light is radiating out in the form of a powerful light beam to heaven.

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