Seth Siegelaub Beyond Conceptual Art

December 11th 2015 the exhibition ‘Seth Siegelaub’ opened at the Stedelijk Museum. It is a wonderful exhibition, by content and form. The light was a difficult task, only low lightlevels were permitted in a complete white space and white display furniture. Despite the use of different light fixtures the final image in the room has become nice and quiet. The TL-wallwash on the empty walls with a minimum strength give a tremendous depth to the space, giving an almost gray light glow. This combined with a top-wash of LED spots that gently illuminate the entire room. In addition, we used for lighting the exhibit works halogen spotlights. The result is a pleasant space which feels light while we still comply with the low light levels.

Theatermachine light team: Floriaan Ganzevoort, Roel Biemond, Mike Evers and Maarten Warmerdam and Isabel Nielen.

Seth Siegelaub was een bijzonder mens en ik heb erg genoten van de video die gemaakt is over zijn leven en werk.

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