Human Amsterdam Light Festival Illuminade

Artist Bruno Filho presents in collaboration with lighting designer Isabel Nielen for  the Amsterdam Light Festival (ALF) the work HUMAN during the Illuminade.

Bruno’s thinks nature is not something standing outside of us, our body itself is nature, only we do’nt see it. Bruno is an artist who likes to make things, his work grows during the associative creative process. This creates intriguing images merging reality, fantasy and surrealism. Human is literally thread-by-thread build, slowly growing into a human image. Together with the Spider watching Human. Is the Spider the ultimate outsider or not? What is our place in nature?

We emreged the led light literally thread by thread into the 200 leaves. As if the lights have grown with the structure. In the base of the statue are additional lamps to illuminate Human itself. Spider has luminous eyes, and his 10 legs have a light accent.

HUMAN: artist Bruno Filho & light design Isabel Nielen
tech team: Roel Biemold Tom Haaima and Bart Stuart.

Thanks to Cordaan, ALF and Outsider Art Galery.
Human can be seen during the Illuminade for Outsider Art Galery behind the Hermitage of Dec 15 until January 8, 2017.



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