Dutch Institute of Lighting Design iLo

Since 2007 I am involved as artistic coordinator and coach in the Dutch Institute of lighting design (iLo). The iLo is established in 2007 by lighting designer Henk van der Geest. The iLo wants to encourage the quality of lighting design in performing arts, architectural and public spaces .
All activities iLo undertakes are based on sharing knowledge, like an open source platform.

We are organizing several activities such as;
individual coaching programs for lighting designers
workshops and expert meetings
research and experiment  in our laboratory-scale theater
symposia, excursions and network borrels

In 2015 iLo received a European grant for “The European Lighting School” in a partnership with initiator COSDAT Institute of Lighting Design from Prague and Antena in Slovakia. Goal was to organize international workshops and training courses. In Eastern Europe and particularly in Czech Republic and Slovakia are no educational opportunities for lighting designers.

Light (and darkness!) is of interest for anyone. Light is defining the experience of a space, an environment, an artistic expression. No one will object to that statement. But the awareness of light, the profession of lighting design and the application of good design is less evident.

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